What is Australia Really Known For?

What Australia is Known For and Other Myths
Close your eyes and picture Australia. Most of us think of beaches, beer and barbecues. However, there is a lot more to this country than just that. For one thing, the unique wildlife that is indigenous to Australia. Let’s look at some common myths about Australian food, drink and wildlife.

Fosters – Not so Australian

When most people book Australia travel packages, they expect to see Fosters beer at every table on every beach when they are there. Although Fosters is an Australian beer, it isn’t very popular on the continent. In fact, it hasn’t been popular for 40 years and doesn’t even make the top 100 list of most popular beers in Australia. Most Australians dismiss Fosters as a beer for the tourists.

Shrimp on the barbie, really??

Well, the barbecue is popular in Australia, but the ‘shrimp on the barbie’, not so much. In fact, shrimp is called prawn in Australia. And to bust another myth, the Australians don’t usually cook prawns on the barbecue. The next time you are at an Australian barbecue ask for a snagger (sausage). You might sooner get snaggers than prawns from the barbecue.
Kangaroos – Do we really know them?

There are many Australia travel packages that will include a visit to see kangaroos. Yes the kangaroo, an Australian land animal that spends all its time hopping from place to place and enjoys the ground beneath its feet. Well, for the most part we are right. However, here is another myth busted!

Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo Known to Be in Australia
There is a kangaroo called the Lumholtz Kangaroo. What is so different about this animal? Well, these kangaroos live in trees and can also swing from one tree to another with their forearms. They have longer forearms than the kangaroos we know. Also, these animals can walk both forwards and backwards, and don’t jump like the more common kangaroo. So the next time you look for travel deals to Australia, consider seeing the Lumholtz Kangaroos.

Mammals aren’t venomous, are they?

It’s time to dismiss yet another myth. Is any mammal venomous? Well no, until you come across the duck-billed platypus. This unique mammal is not only a mammal that lays eggs, it is also poisonous. The male has sharp hollow spurs on the insides of the ankles of the hind legs. These spurs have venom, but don’t worry they save it as defense against other male platypuses. Look for travel deals that include wildlife packages and make sure it includes one that lets you see this amazing animal.

These popularly busted myths, in addition to many others, definitely make the continent a far more fascinating place. So make the most of the many Australia holiday packages out there, and visit Australia to learn more about this great country.
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