The Island of Vulcano Italy

Vulcano Italy - Volcanic Island
Located off the coast of Italy is a small island called Vulcano. If you look on a map you'll see that it's in the Tyrrhenian Sea and considered the most southern of the eight Aeolian Islands. The picturesque Islands here offer lot of places to visit and let you enjoy your holidays to the fullest. In short, this charming Italy travel destination will mesmerize you with its scenic views and natural landscapes.

Mud Baths

Mud Baths in Vulcano Italy
The mud baths in Vulcano, also known as Laghetto dei Fanghi are very famous among tourists.  They are highly prized for their therapeutic properties and health benefits. These baths are basically a puddle of muddy water rich in sulphur.

After soaking yourself in the mud baths you can clean yourself up in nearby hot springs with warm and bubbly water or in the nearby sea.  The mud discolors everything and hence you are advised to remove your jewelry before entering the mud baths.

Black Sand Beach

Just across the opposite side of mud baths is the La Spiaggia Sabbia Nera, also known as the Black Sand Beach. As the name itself suggests, it is a wonderful beach covered with black sand. It is located at Porto di Ponente and makes for a wonderful place to relax with beautiful views in sight.

If you are planning for a visit during the day, it is better to wear a pair of flip flops or shoes as the volcanic sands get very hot by noon.

The Gran Cratere

If you are excited about the volcanoes in Italy, then the island of Vulcano is a treasure for you. You can see the solidified lava from previous eruptions at the Gran Cratere.

You can also climb this volcanic mountain and enjoy the top breath holding view of the island. It is highly advised not to spend too much of time here as the surrounding air is packed with toxins. However, the gripping beauty of this mountain is one thing that should not be missed on a trip to the Vulcano Island.

Some of the other significant places that you can visit while on a trip to Vulcano are the villages of Gelso & Piano. They both offer spectacular sea views and some great food to taste. This beautiful Italian island also offers a great night life to enjoy.

Altogether, the picturesque islands of Vulcano will make you fall in love with the magnificent beauty of nature.  To know more about the volcanoes in Italy, log on to The site also offers helpful Italy travel tips for planning your trip with ease.
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