Things to Do in Cambodia

Best Places to See in Cambodia
Nowadays, Cambodia is more well known for the Angkor temple than other attractions. However, the country brings full range of color with various activities that make you enjoy the country.

We reveal some major tips that make you enjoy Cambodia in the most special way:

1. Immerse in the loftiness of Angkor
There are different temples and monuments that forms the haughtiness of this sacred temple. If you wish to enjoy something fabulous from Angkor, rise up early and stay back for sunrise or sunset.
Do not miss the time by Angkor Wat, it should be a must for your visit !

2. Mekong Cruises
Either cruising inside Cambodia or from Vietnam to Cambodia, the Mekong brings you a different vision of life. Simply laid-back on your deck while beholding the beautiful landscapes glide.

3. Elephant Riding
Visit Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri for a lovely time with elephant. We ensure that your children will love the ride and enjoy to feed the elephant. Moreover, local guides are very pleased to introduce you the nature and life of the elephant.

4. Enjoy Apsara Dance
A grateful dance that depicts the core charm of Cambodia girls, Apsara dances shows a great combination of performance and cultural features.

5. Photo shooting in Phnom Penh
Numerous of colonial architecture are remained in Phnompenh is the track for photographers to capture the beauty of this heritage.

6. Watching Irrawaddy Dolphin
There is no need to make a Myanmar Cruise to watch Irrawaddy Dolphin, in Cambodia if you take a cruise up to the north part of Mekong River, you will have a chance to see this dolphin. More over, this cruise will provide you a better vision of Cambodia life.
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